The GRAM Week: The Complete Instagram Training

Feeling stuck on Instagram? Not seeing the growth you were promised when you moved over to this platform?? Poor engagement? I've got 7 videos + BONUSES for you to see increased customer engagement, instagram growth and branding help!

Welcome Video

Lesson 1: The Basics

Lesson 2: Branding

Lesson 3: Content and Engagement

Lesson 4: Hashtags

Lesson 5: Instagram Stories 

Lesson 6: Instagram Direct Message + Instagram Collections + Instagram LIVE

BONUS gifts!

BONUS Lesson 7: Shoutouts, Instagram Story Takeovers & Collaborations 

>> BONUS Branding Worksheet

>> BONUS Hashtags Worksheet

>> BONUS Social Media Content Calendar

*7 day Money Back Guarantee* Start connecting and growing on Instagram within a week of completing the GRAM week or get your money back!

Melissa is a natural when it comes to Instagram. What so many of us complicate, she seems to pull off with ease. She's cutting edge, innovative, and is always the first to try new features in order to better serve her audience. Melissa pours her heart and soul into her clients and goes above and beyond to help. - Jacqui T.

Melissa is a social media rockstar! She knows her stuff and truly enjoys learning the latest and greatest and passing that information along to other entrepreneurs.
She really breaks things down in step by step instructions so no matter what your level of knowledge, you are able to grasp the concepts.
She is so much fun to work with and really enjoys seeing her clients learn to stand out among the competition. -Kelly L.

Why you need Gram Week...

>> You are feeling frustrated and stuck on Instagram.

>> You are attracting random likes and comments from people who are not your tribe.

>> You are attracting spammers.

>> You don't have a real plan for creating content on Instagram.

>> You have no idea what you're doing when it comes to Instagram.

>> You feel lost on Instagram.

If you could relate to any of these statements, you NEED this training!


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