My TOP Tips for A Great Instagram Story

Today I wanted to share some of my TOP tips for creating a great Instagram story!

FIRST, you'll need to upload a video or picture into your instagram story, OR you can take a picture/video in real time with the app.

From here you'll want to add some text (you can even draw your text) and fun stickers! Instagram has cute and interactive stickers...even holiday stickers!

For more story views make sure you are adding hashtags, a location and/or tagging a brand or person in relation to your story.

For even MORE engagement, use a sticker POLL to ask a question to your audience! Keep it fun and check your story insights to SEE who voted and for what.

If you are feeling STUCK on Instagram stories, make sure you check out my Stand OUT on Stories course! It's UNDER $10 and will walk you through everything that I talked about here. 

Head to to check out my Instagram courses.

Thanks for reading!


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Rainbow Text for Instagram Stories


Hey Instagramers!

Check out this video I made so you can start using RAINBOW text TODAY in your stories!

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New SUPERZOOM Instagram Story Feature!


This MAY just be a feature that could be just as good as Boomerang!

The NEW Superzoom feature from Instagram is FUN and hilarious - IF you do it right! This is a way to get extremely creative and funny with your Instagram stories.

How to do it:

1. Open up stories in Instagram.

2. Swipe right on the bottom, until you see Superzoom.

3. Point the camera towards the object that you want to "superzoom" on. The square should cover the area or object that you want to superzoom in on.

4. Hold down the white and rainbow colored button to record your superzoom and then add it to your story.

5. Suspenseful music is an option that can be added to your superzoom!

Have fun and tell me if you used this new feature! can now add a friend to your Live Broadcasts within Instagram Live! How cool is that?? Simply click on the double face icon to the left of the add filter button. You can anyone that is currently watching your live video. Your live broadcast screen will then be split in...

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New iPhone iOS Screenshot Magnifier Feature

I have a NEW feature that I want to show you for iPhone users!

It's called magnifier and it's available in the newest iOS software update for Screenshots on your iPhone. Here's how to use it on Instagram Stories!

1. Download the newest software update. 
2. Take a screenshot of your profile. 
3. Click on that screenshot that appears in a window - bottom left. It will look like the first photo. 

4. Click on the blue plus button. Bottom right in the photo above. 
5. Click on magnifier. See below.

6. Drag circle magnifier over desired area. Use green dot to zoom and blue dot to make circle larger/bigger. See picture below!

7. Click done. Save to photos. Add this photo to your stories.  I used the new color dropper feature to customize the text background color in the photo below that I edited in Instagram stories.

Report back if you tried this on Instagram Stories!


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Free Instagram Community Group!


Join my free Gram Guide Community on Facebook! I'll be offering tips and tricks to help grow your business on Instagram. Going LIVE in the group 2x a week! Don't miss out.

Community Group

Get your FREE Gram Guide here:

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Using Instagram Stories

If you're not using Instagram stories, you are missing out on a huge percentage of followers that WILL watch your stories vs. reading your Instagram posts. 

Instagram stories are very similar to Snapchat stories. This is a way to capture moments throughout your day into 15 second increments. This can be photos or short 15 second videos. 

Why you should start using stories: there are now 800M users on Instagram. You're going to reach far more people on stories!! 

There are two ways to add to your story: the first is by going to your profile page and clicking on your profile icon. The second is going to your newsfeed and swiping right. Once you are done adding text, drawings, and stickers on your masterpiece you tap the “+ your story” icon at the bottom right corner and it has officially been added to your story. To view your stories, simply go back to your main profile page and click on your profile picture, there should be a rainbow around your picture....

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