Delivering for Brentwood.

NH State Representative from Brentwood

My Priorities

Parental Rights

Parental Rights do not end at the Classroom Door. I will continue to advocate for parental rights in all aspects of your child's upbringing.

Election Integrity

Citizens have questioned the integrity of our elections. It is imperative that we ensure our elections are fair, secure, and accurate. There are still many loose ends that need to be researched and resolved.

No Sales or Income Tax

I am committed to not supporting an income or sales tax in the State of NH. As with any home or business, the State must adhere to a budget and spend within our means.

Constitutional Rights

I will continue to support our Constitutional rights, and continue to consider this with any and all legislation within New Hampshire. I also will not support unconstitutional mandates. An example of this, would be widespread lockdowns. 

Local Control

I support local control, and maintain that we must be aware of any and all strings attached to money coming in from the Federal Government. 

Second Amendment

I will continue to support your Second Amendment Rights.

Supporting our Veterans and Military

We simply must do better to support our vets and active military. They are the reason we continue to enjoy our freedom. 

Academic Excellence

Our NH students and scores are not where many may think. We need to take a deep dive regarding what we can do to support our children. All too often folks consider that throwing more money at a school will improve scores, research shows this is not necessarily the case. 

Supporting our Police

I will continue to support our police. They risk their lives each and every day for our safety, it is time we show the profession the respect they deserve. 


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My Story

I am proud to announce my candidacy for re-election as State Representative for the town of Brentwood. When you sent me to Concord in November of 2020, I promised to fight for the people of our town and I return to you with a list of ways in which I have delivered real results that will affect Brentwood citizens for the better.